Business model

Our model for continued value creation

The revenue model

When we own an IP and the game is self-financed, we receive all revenue net of taxes and distribution costs. If the game has been funded by third parties, they will receive part of the revenue in the form of profit sharing. When a game is based on an IP that Starbreeze does not own, the IP owner also gets a share of the revenue. For self-financed games, we handle costs for distribution and marketing. In cases where there is a co-financier, this cost is shared between the parties.

A platform to grow on

PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 have been commercial successes for more than a decade and have established an engaged community. The games' success stories have contributed to us being given the opportunity to further develop the company's GaaS model, and to create the conditions for a worthy sequel. Unlike the previous games, PAYDAY 3 will be launched simultaneously on console and PC, which means that even more players will be able to benefit from the company's GaaS model. With PAYDAY 3 at the forefront, we will work to maintain the position as a leader in GaaS – now including the console platforms.

Third-party publishing

The return as a third-party publicist means that Starbreeze can reach out more widely with its brand. With high credibility in the market, strong platforms and expanded ability as a publisher, we can publish fully developed games and thereby effectively broaden the game portfolio. After PAYDAY 3's launch, two more in-house games are planned, one for preliminary launch in 2025 and the other in 2027. The five-year plan means that we will not only grow with PAYDAY, but also beyond PAYDAY, with the opportunity to establish ourselves as a diversified game developer and publisher on the market. The development of games must take place with a continued close relationship with the players through Starbreeze Nebula and other channels – while maintaining a focus on the GaaS model.


We will develop games that create value and revenue streams beyond the gaming experience – and offer more Starbreeze, to more players.

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