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General FAQ

All published information about Starbreeze can be found on this website. Reports and presentations can be found under the section Investors and press releases are gathered in the Newsroom. All regulatory information is available in Swedish. Product information is only available in English.

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The latest reports can be found here.

Starbreeze financial year runs from January to December.

As of 2 October 2017, Starbreeze has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Small Cap segment.

The A share has the ticker STAR A and ISN code SE0007158928. The B share has the ticker STAR B and ISIN code  SE0005992831.

The A share has ten (10) votes and the B share has one (1) vote. A and B shares have the same right to a share in Starbreeze's assets and results.

FAQ for agreements

A publishing deal is an agreement between a developer and publisher that allows the publisher to produce and distribute the game. 

It is common for publishers to carry some costs for the both marketing, production and post-launch services connected to the game. To offset risk for publishers, it is common for deals to include some IP rights to the published game.

The budget for PAYDAY 3, including 18 months of live service, development and marketing,  is set at more than EUR 50 million.  Both parties add to the game’s development budget, as well as share costs for the live services portion of the game (further development of the game post-launch, DLC development etc.) and cooperate on marketing and PR activities during this period. Financing for game development received by PLAION is taken up as short-term debt on Starbreeze’ balance sheet. 

Starbreeze retains all rights to the PAYDAY™ IP as well as development and assets related to PAYDAY 3. .

Both parties will start to recoup from the first revenue registered for PAYDAY 3. The share of revenue is calculated based on the respective parties' investment into the game. The structure of the recoup  is meant to insure that both parties recoup their investments at a similar date as well as both parties receiving revenue from launch onwards. Before revenue split, both parties receive cost coverage for ongoing expenses and deduction for platform fees. After that, the revenue is shared according to the terms of the agreement.

It is a 50/50 split on revenues after recoup, with Starbreeze retaining the complete rights to the PAYDAY™ IP.

The description of PAYDAY 3s budget as amounting to ”more than EUR 50m including 18 months of live service, development and marketing” is only to give a sense of the projects’ size. It does not affect the agreement between Starbreeze and PLAION in which both parties split revenue after cost coverage for each party's ongoing expenses and after deduction of platform fees, for the duration of the agreement.

During the recoup period, Starbreeze will recognize all sales revenue from the game in its entirety, including the portion accruing to PLAION. This as PLAION's share of revenue will be set off against the game financing Starbreeze received. After recoup, Starbreeze will recognize the share of sales that accrues to Starbreeze as revenue.

t will not be amortized. The debt will be set off against revenues from the game, which will be trackable on Starbreeze balance sheet as the amount of debt regarding game financing will decrease over time until PLAION has recouped this amount. This does not have any effect on Starbreeze’ cash flow.

After both parties have recouped, Starbreeze will only take up its share of revenues.


As Starbreeze in 2016 bought back all rights to the PAYDAY™ IP, this share was negotiated by the companies then management as part of the purchase price.

In connection with reversion of publishing rights to PAYDAY 2, Starbreeze and 505 Games (a subsidiary of Digital Bros) agreed that 505 Games will have a right to an initial share of future revenues attributable to PAYDAY 3. This could mean that 505 Games receives up to USD 40 million in the form of 33 percent of Starbreeze' net from future sales of PAYDAY 3, after Starbreeze first has fully recouped its development and marketing costs.

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