Our cornerstones for games

Experience Together

  • Cooperative multiplayer games – where the focus is on experiencing together!

  • Player-to-Computer (PvE) or Player-to-Player (PvP) can both be right – if it’s a cooperative experience

  • Always with a focus on community and belonging – through modding, community, streaming, etc.

Lifetime Commitment

  • Create a foundation for long-term engagement; grow and expand our community over time

  • Replayability and variety are an absolute key to our games

  • Undeniable value, added over time – through revenue models that are fair for all

  • A mix of free and paid content for our games, ensuring everyone gets more

Community Engagement

  • Co-creating the gameplay experience

  • Co-creation in the game development process

  • Modding and user-generated content in games (UGC)

  • Commitment and integration with the community where it exists, in an open and honest way

"Larger than life" experience

  • Focus on gameplay and embodying iconic characters

  • Being part of something bigger – a group or a journey – together

  • Evolution in the experience – there is always a way forward and to develop

  • Our games suit different play styles, but always with a feeling of tension
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