The online computer games sector is growing rapidly, and as a game developer we have a responsibility for how our products and the company’s operations affect the environment, climate, people, and society in general. We are committed to ensuring a responsible approach and behavior both within our own operations and in the value chain.

Sustainability for Starbreeze

As one of Sweden’s oldest game development companies, our ambition is to contribute to sustainable digital growth and digital innovation. Starbreeze has grown to become a leading player in the industry and has built up a strong community within the games world, which makes it our responsibility to run a sound and responsible business. The work is based on a transparent and honest dialog with both internal and external stakeholders, where trust is crucial in everything we do. Our ambition is to operate a business that is aware of its impact on the environment and people, and to constantly strive for improvement.

Our behaviors

Engagement comes from freedom, creativity, and involvement. To grow as a company, we must support each individual employee and allow them to grow and develop at Starbreeze. Action creates culture. At Starbreeze, we work based according to the following behaviors:

Smarter Together

We use our different experiences, skills and backgrounds to achieve the best possible results.

Learn & Develop

We learn from our mistakes – giving and receiving feedback is part of our day-to-day routine. 


We are committed and hold ourselves and others accountable for delivering fantastic results.

Enabling Creativity

We explore new ideas and opportunities through fun, passion and creativity.

Our contribution

Starbreeze supports Agenda 2030 and its holistic approach to sustainable development. Six global sustainable development goals have been identified for our business, where we see that we have a great responsibility, but also the opportunity to contribute. The goals give us a good indicator of how our work can be part of positive development, also from a global perspective.

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