Strategy & Business model

We will develop and publish games that create value and revenue streams beyond the games experience – and offer more Starbreeze, to more players. By moving higher up in the value chain for game development, while expanding experiences beyond game products, we will create both short-term and long-term value for our stakeholders.

Starbreeze’s strategy revolves around what we are best at: cooperative games experiences with a strong focus on community. Our operations are divided into three main areas to build value and growth: Studio (builds games on our own or licensed brands), Publishing (acts as publisher for our own and externally developed games) and Franchise to build, strengthen and lift our brands.

We have a successful history of developing games with strong brands in close collaboration with our player base. For us, it is key to build long-term, strong player engagement by continuously delivering new, high-quality content in close collaboration with our players, as well as facilitating co-created content.

Our strategy is based on four key pillars;

Developing Games, IP and Beyond

We are experts in creating action-packed, long-lasting games experiences for dedicated players. Our skilled studio teams create characters and storylines that are not only engaging, but also take the brand beyond the game to create new experiences, customer environments and revenue.

A Co-Creating Community

Providing space for an enthusiastic community that clearly contributes to the games experience is a powerful tool for building engagement and strengthening relationships between players, games, and the company. Today, co-creation includes game modding, streamers and influencers, as well as cosplay.

Games as a Service

We are committed to developing games that engage and deliver value even many years after their release. A plan is made in the early stages of game development for how each game should be updated after its release: the pace at which DLC and additional purchases should be released to enhance the games experience. In addition to game add-ons, we work actively to strengthen long-term relationships with customers – for both our own and licensed brands.

The Place to Be

We want to offer the best and most inspiring studio to work in for game developers from all over the world. This is Starbreeze’s ultimate ambition, and we will achieve this through a culture where we work as a team. A culture and a studio where employees can evolve and achieve a balance between their professional and private lives. We believe this is how Starbreeze will build the best games experiences in the long run.

Our business, strategic pillars, cornerstones for game development and the values we strive for in the organization are closely interlinked and together form the foundations for a strong and successful organization. We have a clear framework and model for both achieving our goals and creating a sustainable and motivating working environment.

Clear strategic focus

We will expand our games portfolio with more titles based on strong brands; either proprietary like PAYDAY, acquired or licensed like Dungeons & Dragons® for our upcoming game with the code name Baxter. The combination of brands provides an advantageous risk profile for each title, and through our Games as a Service model, we deliver continuous updates of content and functionality over a long period of time. The goal is to have three separate titles on the market by 2028, all with the same basic business model.

For a couple of years now, Starbreeze has been restarting the publishing business that has historically been a success. By publishing a few selected games that follow our cornerstones, we can leverage our internal expertise and benefit from the accumulated player base and community that exist around Starbreeze games. At the end of the year, four external titles were contracted for publishing services.

An expanded games portfolio with strong IPs will create the conditions that allow the community to grow. The Starbreeze Nebula membership platform will be an important platform for marketing and direct communication with the player base, but above all a way of creating added value for our customers through various services and collaborations.

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