Starbreeze Nebula

The opportunity for players to deepen their experience of our game portfolio was updated at the end of 2022. Starbreeze Nebula builds on our ambition to create a strong community between Starbreeze and its players.

Starbreeze Nebula is our membership platform, with the goal of being able to communicate with all players of Starbreeze games - both own titles and games in our publishing business. Our goal is to add value through unique content, news, contests as well as to provide functionality that improves the gaming experience, such as cloud-save and cross-play.

Through Starbreeze Nebula, players can receive rewards for progress in their gameplay, including new cosmetic additions to the games. The rewards vary and include, for example, so-called cross-title promotions, where the player completes tasks in one game and then gets rewarded in another. The reward form is an example of new possibilities that Starbreeze Nebula offers in terms of the marketing of the entire Starbreeze game portfolio. Starbreeze Nebula is also what enables games across platform boundaries, so-called cross-play.

Starbreeze Nebula

One of the ambitions with Nebula is to provide the opportunity to transfer progress within a game on one platform to another platform. All things considered, our ambition and hope with Starbreeze Nebula is that players will become aware of more Starbreeze titles, and also that it will help extend the life of each game.

The opportunities to capitalize on the strength and size of our entire community were, until Starbreeze Nebulas launched, limited. Introducing the platform has created new commercial opportunities allowing us to communicate news about our game portfolio directly to players via Starbreeze Nebula’s landing page, and market titles directly via Nebula or by email. This means that Starbreeze Nebula is not only a powerful tool for us to communicate with our players, but will also help make Starbreeze an attractive publisher of third-party games.

Market overview

The global playerbase, including console, PC, and mobile games is estimated to close to 3.3 billion players, together spending almost $200 billion per year.

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