Our employees

Engagement comes from freedom, creativity and involvement. In order to grow as a company, we must support each individual employee and allow them to grow and develop at Starbreeze. Action creates culture.

Starbreeze depends on the creativity, knowledge and engagement of its employees to create great experiences for its players and community, and to contribute to profitable and sustainable growth. We offer stimulating challenges and an open and creative workplace with dedicated employees in a multinational and multicultural environment.

Starbreeze’s head office is in Stockholm, and the majority of the company’s employees are based there. We have studios in Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona and London. The company strengthened its organization during the year through 27 new recruitments, which means that the business is growing in order to accelerate the development of several games for PC and console. A total of more than 30 different nationalities are represented at Starbreeze.

Working together and interaction is key

Starbreeze is an organization where employees assume responsibility and meet challenges through working together and interacting throughout the product development process. The company operates under a model where each specialist area or discipline is responsible for its own areas of expertise across all products, ensuring attention to detail and solving design problems using its combined expertise. This is done in cross-functional groups by focusing on problem solving where quality is a high priority. This model makes the most of the company’s senior development expertise, while allowing the company to take advantage of the instincts of young developers who are at the heart of the product’s user base at the same time.

At Starbreeze, we are extremely experienced in offering a digital workplace, but we also see that physical meetings are key to successful creative processes.

Starbreeze – for a stimulating and sustainable work life

Starbreeze offers a workplace that is physically, mentally and socially safe and stimulating for all employees, where risks of work-related injuries and illness are prevented. We continuously evaluate our efforts in the area of health and safety in order to make constant improvements to our management of the daily work environment. Monitoring and improving the working environment is an integral part of all activities within the company. Employees need to know not only what risks exist, but also how to avoid them.

At Starbreeze, we continuously work with diversity, equality and development opportunities for all employees. The work has a high priority among all managers and equality issues are taken into account and carried out in the daily work. There are three fundamental goals for Starbreeze's gender equality work:

  • All employees' skills shall be nurtured and utilized

  • All employees shall have equal working conditions and opportunities for advancement

  • All employees shall be given equal opportunities to combine work and family life

Starbreeze attracts, retains and motivates employees through fair pay and benefits. Salaries are set individually, taking into account the nature and complexity of the position, and the employee’s qualifications and performance. Pay and benefits are in line with applicable labor law and collective agreements.

Corporate governance

For Starbreeze, good corporate governance is the basis for maintaining a trusting relationship with shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

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