Our operations


Starbreeze Studios consists of around 150 employees in different production disciplines. In 2023, most employees worked on the development of PAYDAY 3 and the development of the Dungeons & Dragons® project, Baxter. A small number of employees are working on sales materials for future potential games and brands.

Game development at Starbreeze is based on a clear allocation of roles in the development process, where delivery goals are set for each role in each phase. Creativity is encouraged in the context of the goals in each development cycle through a holistic approach to development work, where all processes are based on the player and the game experience. Starbreeze’s approach has always been, and still is, dynamic, involving cross-functional teams where a high level of interaction and collaboration is required. Setting clear goals for delivery at all stages of game development across all teams creates a focused work environment in which each role has greater ownership and the opportunity to work on what they enjoy doing and do best. Strategic leadership keep projects on track and the game concept intact.


The Starbreeze Publishing department consists of approximately 20 employees with a focus on the game publishing and the publishing process. In 2023, most employees worked on the launch of PAYDAY 3, preparatory work for Project Baxter, and in the role of third-party publisher for Roboquest and The Tribe Must Survive, among others.

The department plays a central role in ensuring and managing various aspects of a game’s launch and distribution, with product managers for each game title. Working closely with Studio production and partners, the team is responsible for strategic and creative planning and execution of marketing campaigns and data analysis. Publishing includes the Community team, which plays a crucial role in shaping the games experience beyond the game itself. By promoting and contributing to a positive and engaged community, it leads to the long-term success of the games and serves as a link between the development that takes place in Studio and our community.


At Starbreeze we are passionate about telling stories in many different ways. We always strive to innovate and improve the experience through different formats and partnerships. By licensing our brands, and integrating others into our games, we can satisfy our community with more of what they love.

The Starbreeze Franchise department is responsible for nurturing, strengthening, and expanding our brands to new areas of experience, including film and TV, new game genres and collaborations with partners for merchandise production and brand building activities. Business development managers identify and negotiate new opportunities and partnerships to increase the reach and audience of our brands. The Franchise team collaborates with other corporate functions to make decisions and initiate projects that strengthen our brands in the long term.

Starbreeze Nebula

Nebula is the hub that connects our community to our games, and our games to each other. Through the platform, we strive to create an active and engaging community around our games - and deliver value to our players.

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