Market overview

The global playerbase, including console, PC, and mobile games is estimated to close to 3.2 billion players, together spending close to $200 billion per year.

Size and growth

The global games market grew by 32 percent between 2019 and 2021 and generated revenue of USD 192.7 billion in 2021. Global sales slowed down slightly in 2022 with the return to normal after the pandemic and an uncertain macroeconomic situation that has led to disruptions in supply chains. The PC games market is increasing slightly, while console and mobile games see a slight decline. The stable PC games market is explained by the fact that, in terms of sales, the platform’s strongest titles have generally been in the market for several years, while the console games market is more dependent on new game releases, and the impact of delayed releases is therefore more noticeable in the console market.


Historically, games segments have been completely separate from each other, but with advances in cross-platform gaming, subscriptions and various franchise agreements linking the segments, the boundaries of cross-platform gaming have gradually become blurred. Cross-platform has become an increasingly important factor in the release of games. Newly released games, which are largely played online, now include some cross-platform features.


Console games

Console games are played on a fixed or handheld console – a device specifically designed for gaming. Console games are distributed online through digital downloads and in retail outlets. Games developed for consoles typically have larger production budgets and take longer to produce than mobile games, and are more likely than mobile games to be designed for longer gaming sessions.

PC games

PC games include all games that can be played on a PC (personal computer). Digital sales have grown steadily in this segment over recent years, on platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store, while new forms of distribution based on streaming technology are attracting increasing interest.

Mobile games

Mobile games are played on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. These games are often designed for shorter gaming sessions than PC and console games. Mobile games also generally require lower development budgets and shorter production times than games developed for PC and console. The mobile games market relies exclusively on digital distribution via platforms such as the App Store and Google Play.

Revenue models

Revenue models vary considerably across the industry. Revenue models for mobile games are often very different from models for PC and console games, but even within PC and console games they can vary widely.

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