Our contribution

Environment and climate

Goal 12 aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Among other things, the goal highlights sustainable management and the efficient use of natural resources, as well as reducing the amount of waste.

Goal 12: Most of Starbreeze’s game distribution is digital, which reduces the extent of the physical distribution link and thereby the need for transport and plastic packaging. The ambition is to minimize the company’s ecological footprint, so that Starbreeze is working towards this goal by following the development of climate-smart alternatives for all parts of its operations.

Employees and society

Goal 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equal education of good quality and promote lifelong learning for all.

Goal 5 aims to increase gender equality and reduce all forms of discrimination, violence and oppression.

Goal 10 focuses on reducing inequality and the importance of working for a society where no one is left behind.

Goal 4: To contribute to a stronger supply of skills, Starbreeze has close practical collaborations with universities and colleges in Sweden. The company’s CEO and employees are active lecturers on most labor market days and at Swedish higher education institutions.

Goal 5: All employees, regardless of gender, must have the same conditions at Starbreeze. To increase gender equality in the games industry, Starbreeze is actively working on the issue and runs several initiatives for increased inclusion.

Goal 10: For Starbreeze, equal rights for everyone, regardless of background and circumstances, are of utmost importance. Starbreeze ensures protection under labor law by only operating in countries with such a national function and sets requirements for partners in the value chain using the company’s code of conduct.

Business ethics and governance

Goal 8 focuses on decent working conditions and sustainable economic growth.

Goal 17 aims to strengthen the implementation of global partnerships for sustainable development.

Goal 8: Starbreeze intends to create the right conditions for innovation and at the same time ensure decent working conditions by offering employees a developing and sustainable workplace. To create a stimulating working atmosphere in which employees can thrive, career opportunities and scope for development are offered within the company. Routine employee surveys are conducted to engage all parts of the business.

Goal 17: Starbreeze works according to international guidelines and engages in global partnerships to ensure relevance in its sustainability work and contribute to strengthened cooperation within the industry.

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